VOTE: Budget and Board

by Carol Prescott, PIE President

Open Budget Overview PDF

Please remember to mail in your absentee ballots for the Victor School Budget. This year’s budget needs to be approved by 60% of voters so we need as many ‘yes’ votes as possible. If the budget does not pass, then the non-mandated programs that we know and love are at risk. Even programs that are totally run by parent volunteers would be affected, as the district has been able to offer us the use of campus facilities at no cost; this would change if the budget does not pass.

Download Budget Q&A PDF

While the budget is not as growth minded as I would have hoped for, it does maintain current offerings while being mindful of the economic effects of the pandemic. We would still have one of the lowest school tax rates in the area. Please encourage your friends and neighbors to vote. A quality public education benefits everyone! If you don’t have children at VCS, you still benefit from having educated, engaged youth and high property values. Please spread the word.

There are also 9 candidates for the 3 Board of Education seats. As a parent group, PIE cannot support any one candidate but does usually host a Meet the Candidate night. This year the event is virtual and can be viewed at:

The Victor Teachers’ Association also has a written response from candidates available at

Personally, I have been attending the public Board of Education meetings for years and am encouraged by the recent discussions at BOE meetings and their efforts to support the VCS community.